PeeNova’s President and CEO, Gangesh Ganesan to Speak at Citi’s Data Governance in Financial Institutions Webinar

14 Apr, 2020  |  By Marketing Team   |  Published in Events,

PeerNova's Events

Date: Thursday, April 16th
Location: Online

PeerNova’s President and CEO, Gangesh Ganesan, will speak at Citi’s Global Data Insights ‘Data Governance in Financial Institutions’ internal webinar on April 16th. Gangesh will discuss the following topics with moderator Richard Webley (Citi’s Head of Global Data Insights):

  • Sector overview and existing problems in data management and data governance landscape
  • How financial institutions are working through these issues
  • PeerNova’s Solution: How the Cuneiform Platform enables end-to-end trust and transparency of data and business flows


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