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PeerNova Presenting at the Medici Ventures’ Event

15 Jan, 2018  |  By Marketing Team   |  Published in Events,

PeerNova's Events

Medici Ventures, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Overstock.com is organizing an all day event of all their portfolio companies in Salt Lake City, Utah on Wednesday January 17th 2018.

Topic: “Practical Application of Blockchain to Financial Instruments”

Gangesh Ganesan, President & CTO at PeerNova will be presenting.

Many of the largest financial institutions in the world are exploring blockchain applications. One of the barriers to the adoption of blockchain technology in these institutions has been an inability to map the existing legacy infrastructure and workflows to blockchain-based applications. Peernova has identified applications like intra-day liquidity and risk exposures, event lineages to track operational issues in credit default swaps, collateral management, infrastructure risk reduction, etc. as ideal use cases that combine legacy infrastructure with blockchains. Peernova’s talk will focus on how to apply blockchain technology to these problems.
Event Location: Peace Coliseum, Midvale, Utah

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